Boy Mama: Real Life Wednesday- Ain’t Love Grand?

I have fallen in love- again- with my youngest.

Do you do that too? Where you go through a period of time where you certainly love your children, but then something happens and you fall in love all over again?

This happened- again- this week. My youngest is really coming into his own lately. His language has just blossomed and his true personality is shining brighter by the day.  And, you know what? He is funny!  I went to get him out of his crib the other day and was about to lift him out when he backed away and said, “NO! I want a backwards hug!”  Meaning, he wanted a piggyback ride!  🙂 He has been trying out the potty lately, and after a few moments of sitting with no results, he shouted to me, “Mom! I need more pee-pee!”  As if I could magically make some for him.

He is confident. We were late dropping his big brother at school. All the students were sitting quietly listening to the teacher and he ran right into the room and with a huge wave said, “Hi, Mr. S!” (the teacher).  As if it was, HIS classroom he was entering, not his big brother’s.

He is also a total sweetheart. He says, “I love you!” at the most random times- which really makes it even better.  He walks up to store clerks and waitresses and announces, “You are nice!” whether he has met them before or not,  doesn’t matter.

But, best of all, is at bedtime. Just as I am about to cover him with his blankets and leave the room,  he pops back up, with a sheepish grin and says, “I need a hug. A get-out hug.”  So,  of course, I lift him from his crib, he wraps his arms around my neck and gives the best, most cozy, most loving hug in the world.

Isn’t love grand?

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20 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Real Life Wednesday- Ain’t Love Grand?

  1. I really enjoyed this post!! I do that too….go through seasons of falling in love with my son all over again. I’m in one right now as we’ve just had some major breakthroughs with him responding to us and obeying right away when we give instructions….and he obeys (most of the time) with such wild, exuberant little-boy-joy, totally expecting (and receiving!) our delight and praise for his obedience. Just love how he is so much more communicative now and how well he understands us when we communicate with him. Anyway…. can you tell I’m in love with my kiddo?! (Isaac will be 2 next month.) 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

  2. That’s really sweet, and so true – it’s like you always love them, but sometimes you’re just freshly swept up in them 🙂

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