Boy Mama: Simple and Silly- “Chopsticks!”

Hog Wild Chopsticks

My 3 year old is really into cutting and gluing lately.  I have gone through 3 bottes of Elmer’s Glue and more paper than I would like to know within the last week or so.  I am more than happy to spare this expense when I see how happy and busy he is.  The other day, after cutting and making puddles of glue on the paper for a while, my son suddenly shouted, “CHOPSTICKS!”   He rushed over to the kitchen drawer, grabbed our kid-friendly chopsticks and ran back to the table where he was working (yes, he does run everywhere). He then began picking up the pieces of paper with the chopsticks and putting them into the glue.  He was having a blast and  AND he was getting a good fine motor workout at the same time.

Don’t you love when they come up with this stuff on their own?

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One thought on “Boy Mama: Simple and Silly- “Chopsticks!”

  1. I love when I’m reading a post and something like “yes, he does run everywhere” pops up and makes me laugh, it sounds like something I would write. I love your son’s confidence to use the chopsticks. Leave it to a kid to come up with a great fine motor alternative not involving food!

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