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Tiny Little Fly

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Michael Rosen is an incredible children’s book author. He has written some of the best books out there including one of our favorites, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. While at the bookstore the other day, we came across a “new-to-us” Michael Rosen book called, Tiny Little Fly.

My oh my,

Tiny Little Fly!

Tiny Little Fly

Sees great big toes…

Tiny Little Fly

Sits on Elephant’s nose.

This book tells the story of Tiny Little Fly who stirs up all kinds of trouble among the animals. Tiny Little Fly first spies Elephant and lands on his nose.  Elephant says, “I’m going to catch that fly!” He tries his best, “TRAMP! CRUSH!  TRAMP! But off flies the fly.” Next, the fly settles on Hippo’s ear and Hippo tries to catch him with a “ROLL! SQUASH! ROLL!” But again, “off flies the fly.”  Then, Tiny Little Fly lands on Tiger’s paws and Tiger tries to catch him with a “SWOOP! SNATCH! SWOOP!” but has no luck either. Despite all their efforts, Tiny Little Fly escapes capture and flies away saying, “See you all soon. Bye, everyone, bye!”


The illustrations by Kevin Waldron are simple but full of movement and emotion and are the perfect complement to the story.  The story itself is told in rhyme and is wonderfully predictable for young readers and beginning readers alike.

I read this story to my 3 year for the first time today.  His eyes were ENORMOUS waiting to see what happens to Tiny Little Fly.  After reading it through a few times, I pulled out our own Tiny Little Fly (see below). I placed it in his waiting hands where he held it ever so carefully, put his face right up to it and whispered, “I love you, Little Fly.” (insert melting heart here). Then we read the book again, but this time, my son put our Tiny Little Fly on Elephant’s nose, Hippo’s ear and on Tiger’s paw and then flew it off the page when Tiny Little Fly flies away.  Then of course, Tiny Little Fly had to land on my son’s head, nose, toes, knees etc….

Here is how we made our own Tiny Little Fly


purple pom pom

2 googly eyes

plastic lid to be cut

hot glue gun

Boy Mama Teacher Mama A Tiny Little Fly

Mama’s Directions

While the glue gun is heating up, cut 2 wings from the plastic lid. Hot glue the eyes and wings into place. That’s it! Simple as can be and cute as can be too. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama A Tiny Little Fly

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  4. I love you little fly – oh, that is too precious! I’ve never head of this book either, we will have to look it up and have a read of it, sounds like a great book.

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