Boy Mama: Paper Rockets from Picklebums

Paper Rockets 

from Picklebums

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Paper Rockets

My son has been on holiday from school for the past two weeks and I have been trying out a bunch of new activities that I found on various blogs.  I came across this idea on a great blog called Picklebums and knew we had to try it. Paper rockets— they sounded so simple, so fun and so “boy” that they definitely couldn’t fail!  I immediately printed out Picklebum’s paper rocket template and we set to coloring.  Then it was over to the park to blast off!   The rockets were a huge hit with my boys and for our two girl friends who joined us.  Here is how you make them:

  • Have your child choose the design he likes and color it.
  • Cut it out along the lines.
  • Put glue along one of the long edges and roll the template around a pencil.
  • Once the glue has set, flatten the top and secure it with tape.
  • Place the paper rocket on the long end of a bendy straw.
  • Point the straw up (and away from those eyes) and blow!
After your kids have had some fun experimenting with the rockets on their own, try these ideas:
  • See how far you can blow the rocket (either up or, if careful, straight ahead)
  • See who can blow it the farthest (measure the distance with a measuring tape)
  • Try altering the rocket and see if it makes a difference. If the rocket is shorter- does it go further?      Put a paperclip on the end and see what happens.
  • Try different kinds of straws. We tried a Starbucks straw after our own bendy straws. Although Starbuck’s straws are fatter than the bendies and the rocket was a bit of tight fit, they worked even better! Grab some straws from various places around town and see which one works best. Be sure to tell your child to aim away from people. A straw in the eye is not a good thing. 🙂
  • Create your own rocket designs.

Have fun with this! And, if you have a minute, hop on over to Picklebums and see what else they have to share.

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