Boy Mama: Big Brother or Superhero?

Author, Marc Brown said, “Sometimes being a big brother is better than being a superhero.”

This statement couldn’t be more true. As my sons get older and the connection between them grows stronger, I can see that my oldest  is definitely a “superhero” in the eyes of his little brother. Everything his big brother does is that much more amazing than if anyone else had done it.  His buildings are bigger and stronger, his stories are more interesting and more entertaining and his company is more valued and sought after than any others.   Unfortunately, with these superhero “powers”, unkind words and hurtful actions are significantly more difficult to deal with.  But thankfully, if you wait a bit, give it a moment,  have them both take a deep breath and start over- all is well again. Superhero brother and younger brother are once again back on track and tackling the world together.

The Problem:  My youngest has been having fears about monsters in his room at night

Superhero Brother Solution: Big brother places a “Do Not Enter” Sign outside his door so no monsters can get in

The Problem:  My youngest is having trouble getting to sleep without tears.

Superhero Brother Solution: Big brother does a crazy, silly dance for him each night before bed to make him laugh and smile.

The Problem:  My youngest wants to hear a story, but I am busy making dinner.

Superhero Brother Solution: Big brother “reads” him the book with all the confidence of an experienced reader complete with commentaries and questions about the story.

Tell us about YOUR superhero!

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