Boy Mama: “Hey Mom! There’s My Name!”

I just did  a super fun and very spontaneous activity with my son which he loved!  I was sitting on the couch working on my computer and my son was trying to read what I was writing. Without saying a word,  I typed his name.  He said, “Hey Mom! There’s my name!”  I simply nodded my head and then typed, “I am C.”  He read it!  I continued typing short sentences using words I knew he knew and he kept reading them! He was so excited and honestly so was I.  Then I started making things a bit more challenging.  I threw in some new words. I typed, “C is a boy.”  Then used the word “boy” in the next few sentences.  He learned to read a new word! Finally, I threw in one of his more random sight words, “chip.”  I wrote “C likes chips.” That lead to a whole series of sentences with words using the “ch” blend. What fun we had! It was easy, spontaneous, quick and there was no mess and no clean-up! The last sentence I typed for him was, “The end. Time for bed.”

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