Book Mama: Book Series About Transportation

Books Series About Transportation

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Books Series About Transportation

My boys love books (yay!) and they love anything that goes.  I am always on the look out for quality books about vehicles that are fun to read, have great illustrations and are full of information.  There are a few series that I have come across in the past few years that fit this bill.

Amazing Machines: A Truckload of Fun

written by Tony Milton and illustrated by Ant Parker

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This series of books was a favorite of my older son and are now a favorite of  my youngest.  With such titles as Dazzling Diggers, Amazing Airplanes, Flashing Fire Engines and Cool Cars, each book teaches the reader a little about the vehicle through rhyme, bright, colorful illustrations and ends with an informational page for those who want to know more.  The rhymes are simple, but not condescending. Ant’s illustrations are cartoon-like, but still realistic enough to be taken seriously. The books can be bought individually, but the  10 book set comes in a cardboard truck which is great for storage or as another thing to drive around the house. The books themselves are smaller than your traditional hardcover books and fit nicely on a book shelf with other board books. My boys also discovered that they also make great tunnels, roads and building “blocks.”

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Working Wheels

written by Sarah Bridges and illustrated by Denise Shea and Derrick Alderman

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The second series, Working Wheels, includes 13 books with such titles as I Drive a Crane, I Drive a Fire Engine, and I Drive a Snow Plow. These books are meant for slightly older children (than the Amazing Machines books), but can certainly still be enjoyed by the younger ones.   Each title introduces the driver (who is often a woman- yay!) and the vehicle he or she drives. It then proceeds to provide basic information about the vehicle and the job it does. There are extra “bits” of information on each page to satisfy the curiosity of older children or those that “know it all” already. At the end of each book, is a labeled diagram of each vehicle, a list of interesting facts and even some sites to check out on the web.

Alphabet Series by Sleeping Bear Press

(variety of authors and titles)

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These alphabet books are amazing! They are full of interesting information and fascinating facts.  The topics in this series seem to be endless, but there are (as of now) three books related to things that go- A is for Airplane: An Aviation Alphabet Book, T is for Titanic: A Titanic Alphabet Book and R is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet Book. These books are definitely meant for older children or for those who cannot get enough information about things that go!

Roger Priddy Books

My Big Truck Book, My Big Train Book, My Big Rescue Book

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See How They Go Books

See How They Go: Spaceship, See How They Go: Emergency Vehicles and See How They Go: Cars

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Jerry Pallotta’s Alphabet Books

The Construction Alphabet,The Jet Alphabet, and The Airplane Alphabet

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DK’s Big Book Series

Cars, Trains and Airplanes

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