Boy Mama: Real World Word Search

Real World Word Search

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Real World Word Search


I did something today with my son that I have been wanting to do for a while.  Today, we went on a Real World Word Search.

You may now be wondering–What is a Real World Word Search?  Well, a Real World Word Search is simply  this–you walk around your neighborhood, find words that your child can read and take a picture of them.  That’s it, but boy, that was a lot! I was amazed by how many words he knew by sight, how many words he sounded out successfully and how many words he made really good attempts at sounding out. It was humbling to say the least.

We spent about thirty minutes walking around, but had to cut our search short because it was freezing cold and we were not dressed for the weather! When we got home,  I downloaded the pictures onto my computer. My son immediately read all the words we caught on camera to his dad.  He was so proud and, well, so was his dad.

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