Happy Mother’s Day to All Boy Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day to All Boy Mamas!

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Just a little something for all you boy mamas out there who read our blog.  Being the mama of a boy is a wonderful, unique and fantastic journey. I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as I am.

So here’s to you!

Here’s to you, boy mama for…

  • knowing the difference between an excavator, a front loader and a cherry picker.
  • knowing the difference between a monorail, a subway and a street car.
  • knowing the difference between a passenger car, a boxcar, an engine and a caboose.
  • being able to identify the subtle differences between the sirens of a fire truck, a police car and an ambulance.
  • having a library full of books about all things that go.
  • knowing the names of all the dinosaurs and which ones eat meat and which do not.
  • stopping to watch yet another garbage truck collect garbage and another street sweeper sweep the street.
  • parking near construction sites so he can watch.
  • knowing how to build forts, train tracks, parking lots and airports.
  • building towers, castles and bridges.
  • creating tall buildings just so he can tear them down.
  • not minding the miles and miles of wooden train tracks that weave their way through your home.
  • sitting through home runs, goals and baskets as well as strikeouts, last places and missed points.
  • digging in the dirt, playing in the sand, collecting sticks and throwing rocks.
  • wrestling and for cuddling.
  • taking your him outdoors when you would rather stay in.
  • repairing holes in the knees of  his pants time and time again.
  • collecting insects, worms and other creepy crawlies.
  • singing and dancing.
  • creating treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and other backyard adventures.
  • playing Hide and Seek even when you know just where he is hiding.
  • teaching him how to buy flowers, how to open doors for others and how to give a compliment.
  • teaching him to make his bed, to put away his clothes and to clear the dinner table.
  • teaching him how to aim and to flush.
  • reading to him about the ways things work.
  • sharing your emotions and for feeling his.
  • doing your best to see the world through his eyes.
  • being the best boy mama you can be.

Here’s to you Boy Mama! Happy Mother’s Day!from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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