Teacher Mama: Around the Table ABC (Letters and Sounds)

Around the Table ABC


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Last night I cut out some letters for my son and threw them on the table. I was planning on thinking of a few activities we could do with the letters to practice his letter recognition and letter sounds.  As I looked a the colorful alphabet laying on the table, I had an idea…

Letters on the table

I took the letters I had cut out and arranged them around our dining room table. I put on our Alphabet CD and had my son circle the table, car in hand. As he went around the table “driving” his car, I stopped the music.  Wherever his car stopped, he had to name the letter and the sound it makes.  Then we did it again, but this time with his new toy bunny hopping around the table.

Around the Table ABC

Around the Table ABC- Musical

Around the Table ABC- Musical

Around the Table ABC- Musical

Animal Alphabet Sort

Next, I dumped out all of his small plastic animals and told him that we were going to put each animal on the letter that begins its name. So, we took the platypus and put in on the “p” and the kangaroo on the “k” etc.

Around the Table ABC- animals

Around the Table- animals, letter p

Household Alphabet Sort

Our last activity with our letters around the table (we did this a different day), was to take things we found around the house and put them on the letter that starts its name.  We put soap on the letter “s” and feathers and flowers on the letter “f” etc.

ABC Around the Table- household items

ABC Around the Table- household items, letter f

ABC Around the Table- household items- letter j

26 Letters Pick Up

I will admit that I tried to play 26 Letters Pick Up with my son, but he wanted no part. He thought it was too much like cleaning up and he opted out. My dog, on the other hand, looks like she wanted to play…:) What do you think?


Like these letters?

They can now be purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers. Click the link below to see more details or to purchase.

Around the Table ABC Letters (Lower Case)

Around the Table ABC Letters at Teachers (Upper Case)

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  6. I feel so lucky to visit your site. I’ve been looking for the interesting and fun ways to teach my kids English. I’m Korean~~^^.

  7. I was with my niece today over spring break and not my students. She loved the ABC’s around the table. She like the animals best! Horse starts with “h” and cat starts with “c”! I don’t know who I am more proud of her, or her mother (my sister) for being such a fabulous mom and baby sister. They will be visiting your site for more fun when I leave. Thank you! ~The Purple Reading Teacher, Jenelle Strecker

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