Picture Books for the IB PYP Learner Profiles

Picture Books for the IB PYP Learner Profiles

I have been collecting children’s books for over 20 years.  I have organized them in several different ways during that time- by theme, by author, by holiday. You name it, I have tried it. Now that I am teaching the Primary Years Program in an International Baccalaureate school (IB), I have decided to organize much of my collection and new acquisitions by the Learner Profiles as seen below.

I hope this list is a bit more up-to-date than some of the others out there.  I am constantly getting new titles and adding to this list so check back often for new titles.

Happy Reading!

Click, Clack, MOO: Cows that Type (Doreen Cronin)

Ruby Mae Has Something to Say (David Small)

hello! hello! (Matthew Cordell)

Hello, My Name is Ruby (Philip Stead)

1000 Times No! (Mr. Warburton)

Yo! Yes? (Chris Raschka)

Telephone (Mac Burnett)

Nerdy Birdy Tweets (Aaron Reynolds)

One Word from Sophia (Jim Averback)

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed (Mo Willems)

Sunday Chutney (Aaron Blabey)

City Dog, Country Dog (Mo Willems)

Flight School (Lita Judge)

Windblown (Edouard Manceau)

Odd Velvet (Mary E. Whitcomb)

They All Saw a Cat (Brendan Wenzel)

The Bedspread (Sylvia Fair)

I Gotta Draw (Bruce Degen)

I Need My Monster (Amanda Noll)

Going Places (Peter and Paul Reynolds)

The Sandwich Swap (Queen Rania Al Abdullah)

The Ricker Racker Club (Patrick Guest)

Thundercake (Patricia Polacco)

Jabari Jumps (Gaia Cornwall)

Koala Lou (Mem Fox)

Giraffes Can’t Dance (Giles Andreae)

Going Places (Paul and Peter Reynolds)

The Ricker Racker Club (Patrick Guest)

Strictly No Elephants (Lisa Mantchev)

Come with Me (Holly McGhee)

Sad, the Dog (Sandy Fussell)

Pickle-Chiffon Pie (Jolly Roger Bradfield)

Koala Lou (Mem Fox)

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (Mem Fox)

How to Heal a Broken Wing (Bob Graham)

Millie’s Marvelous Hat (Satoshi Kitamura)

Sarabella’s Thinking Cap (Judy Schachner)

I am Henry Finch (Alexis Deacon)

Going Places (Peter and Paul Reynolds)


The Sandwich Swap (Queen Rania Al Abdullah)

Cleversticks (Bernard Ashley)

Calvin Can’t Fly: The Story of a Bookworm Birdie (Jennifer Berne)

Officer Buckle and Gloria (Peggy Rathman)

Rosie Revere, Engineer (Andrea Beaty)

Going Places (Peter and Paul Reynolds)

The Word Collector (Peter Reynolds)

Max and the Bird (Ed Vere)

The Bad Seed (Jory John)

Violet the Pilot (Steve Been)

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade (Justin Roberts)

Rudecakes (Rowboat Watkins)

We Found a Hat (Jon Klassen)

A Fine, Fine School (Sharon Creech)

Ten Tiny Things (Meg McKinlay)

Busy Beaver: Life in the Wild Nicholas Oldland

Calvin, Look Out! A Bookworm Birdie Gets Glasses (Jennifer Berne)

Rosie Revere, Engineer (Andrea Beaty)

Ten Tiny Things (Meg McKinlay)

The Liszts (Kyo Maclear)

Shhh! We Have a Plan (Chris Haughton)

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (Kevin Henkes)

I Need My Monster (Amanda Noll)

I Want My Hat Back (Jon Klassen)

Ada Twist, Scientist (Andrea Beatty)

Max the Brave (Ed Were)

Ten Tiny Things (Meg McKinlay)

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