Have You Ever Seen…? An Alphabet Book with FREE Template

Have You Ever Seen: An Alphabet Book with FREE Template


I  have been using this ABC book with first graders for almost 20 years. It is not easy to come by online, but plenty of copies are hanging around the public libraries and maybe even your school library.

Have you Ever Seen…?

by Beau Gardner


Have you ever seen an alligator with antlers?

Have you ever seen a banana with buttons?

Have you ever seen a candy-cane Cat’s tail?

The books continues like this all the way to Z. My students always laugh their way through this book and beg to read it again and again.  After reading the book (a few times), we create our own ABC book.  Students choose a letter in the alphabet and then create their own wacky pair for the letter they have selected.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s group.


In case you cannot translate first grade writing they read as follows:

Have you ever seen a cat on a carrot?

Have you ever seen a dinosaur in a dress?

Have you ever seen an octopus singing opera?

Have you ever seen Godzilla fighting a giraffe?

So if you happen across a copy of this delightful book, I have created a FREE template just for you!  Simply click the image below to download.

Have you ever seen a template so tempting? 🙂



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