FREE Base Ten Blocks Creations: A Place Value Activity

FREE Base Ten Blocks Creations: 

Place Value Activity

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest a while back and decided to try it with my first graders. I love the idea of combining math (place value) and art. I think it is such a great way to reach those kids who are not big fans of math.  Here is what we did.


black construction paper



templates (base ten blocks and activity sheet)


Print templates

Gather materials


Give students the base ten block templates. Ask them to use the block templates to create a creature of some kind– a person, an animal,  a robot.  The only rule is that they may not use more than 9 of any one block.

Once they have created their creature, have them glue their creature to the black paper.

Then give students the activity paper and have them fill it out using their creation.

The kids loved this activity and it was a great way to see who was understanding not only basic place value, but expanded notation as well.

Click HERE to download free templates.

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