Thanksgiving Number Bonds Around the Table Game

Thanksgiving Number Bonds Around the Table Game


Gotta to get these kids up and moving! I love “around the table games” because it does just that. It gets my students moving and learning (or practicing) at the same time. This is a fun around the table the table game for practicing number bonds with a Thanksgiving twist.




card stock for durability


Print the templates (click here for templates)


Cut out the number bond cards and the alphabet place cards.

Copy the recording sheet (one per student)

How to Play

Arrange the alphabet cards with the number bond cards around the tables.


Give each student a recording sheet and a pencil.

Have a number lines and/or manipulatives available for those who need them.

Have students start with the number bond card on the place card “A.”

Have them determine the missing number in the number bond on the card and record it on the “A” section of the recording sheet.

Students then move through the alphabet recording the missing number in the number bonds along the way.


Note: for traffic purposes, students can start on different letters and move through the alphabet so that not all kids are on the same letter.

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