Teacher Mama: FREE Numbers Battleship Games {After School Linky}

FREE Numbers Battleship Games

Boy Mama Teacher Mama FREE Numbers Battleship Games

I saw this amazing version of Battleship somewhere on Pinterest. I have tried and tried to find the original poster, but it seems that it is quite popular and many people have shared it. So this is my version of the game. I played it with my first graders this morning and they loved it. I have to admit, I kinda loved it too. 🙂



card stock

bingo chips


vis-a-vis marker

cardboard for privacy


Choose the version you would like to play. Version one (left) uses numbers while version two (right) uses coordinates.

Print the templates on card stock and laminate. If you do not have access to a laminator, papers can simply be copied and recycled when done or you can put the papers in a plastic sleeve.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Numbers Battleship Games

How to Play (Version 1)

Give each player a game board and a vis-a-vis marker.

Have each player find a private spot and mark off five “ships” as follows:

two squares

three squares

four squares

five squares

six squares

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Numbers Battleships Games

Put students in pairs with a privacy shield of some kind between them.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Number Battleship Games 2

Give each pair some bingo chips or pennies.

Player one names a number to see if s/he has “hit” a battleship on his/her partner’s board. If s/he has, the partner puts a chip on that space on his/her board. If not, the partner does nothing.

The player making the guess, should put a dot on the numbers s/he has already guess so s/he does not repeat a number. If s/he gets a “hit,” have him/her put an x on the spot.

Play continues until one player has “sunk” all his/her partner’s battleships.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Number Battleship Games 3

How to Play (Version 2)

The game is set up and played the same way, only instead of guessing numbers, students use coordinates to guess where the battleships lie.

This FREE game is available HERE.



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