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ay Sound Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (featured)

Who knew that there were so many ways to make the long a sound! My students recently discovered this when they learned the 3 different ways to make the sound over the last few weeks. “ay” was the final way learned so I created this game to help them practice using “ay.” The game also includes long a words that use the magic e and ai (vowel team).





card stock


copy game board(s)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Play with ay game

print, copy and cut “ay” money

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (2)

print, copy and cut “ay” and long a cards

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game

print, copy and assemble player wallets

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (3)

To Play

 Place the money on the game board. Place the “ay” and long a cards face down in a pile next to the game board.

Players choose a playing piece and a wallet.

Players place their pieces on the game board.

Players roll a die and  move that many spaces. If he lands on an “ay ____” space, he picks a card and blends the sound with “ay.”  If he is correct (according to other players), he put an “ay dollar” in his wallet. If he is wrong, he waits until his next turn.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (5)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (6)

If he lands on a long a card space, he picks a card from the long a pile and reads the word. No dollars collected.

Other spaces are self-explanatory.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama ay sound game (7)

My students LOVED this game. I think it was the wallets and dollars that they really enjoyed. 🙂

Note: This game works well with Words Their Way: Within Word Pattern Sorts 12 and 13.

This game is available at the following link:

Play with ay Sound Game from BMTM

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