Book Mama: Ordinary People Change the World Book Review

Ordinary People Change the World Book Review

“A child-size view of history.”


Boy Mama Teacher Mama Ordinary People Change the World Book Review

I was so surprised (and excited) to find a package waiting for me when I got home today.  I opened it and found a book-  a children’s book to be precise.  I saw that it was sent from a publisher and that it was a book in a series that both my own son and my first graders just love. It was the Ordinary People Change the World Series and it was about Lucille Ball. While I am not much of a Lucy fan and neither of my kids have any idea who she is, my eldest quickly swiped the book from and began reading.  He read the whole book in a matter of 15 minutes, put it down and said. “GREAT BOOK! I didn’t know anything about  her and now I do!”  We then had a wonderful discussion about the book and about Lucy. Who knew!?

Ordinary People Change the World: I am Lucille Ball by Brad Meltzer


“When I was a little girl, my mother tried to dress me in ribbons and bows. But I was different from other girls.”

This is how the book begins and, with a sense of humor, attributes of a graphic novel and a whole lot of factual information, Meltzer summarizes the life, struggles and successes of Lucille Ball.  The book also includes a timeline and photos of Lucille at various stages of her life.

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