Book Mama: Beautiful Books about Water

Beautiful Books about Water

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We just started a new unit of study in first grade. We are learning about water with a focus on how it is a precious resource that supports all living things. I was searching for books to go with our unit and came across these four beautiful books. I am so excited to share them with my class and to see what we do with them. Already have a few ideas brewing… ūüôā

Water by Frank Asch


Water is rain. Water is dew. Water is ice and snow.Water is high in the sky. Water is deep in the earth.

Simple text and gorgeous water color and acrylic illustrations celebrate water, our most precious resource.


Water Can Be… by Laura Purdie Salas


Water can be… Tadpole hatcher. Picture Catcher. Otter feeder. Downhill speeder.¬†

Another gorgeous book with simple text sharing all the things water can be throughout the seasons and in daily life.

Water Can Be spread

All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon


 Water flows from a hose. It wobbles in blue pools.  It fills your cup up. But where does it come from?

This book is a story of the water cycle. It is by no means a dry, factual book, but rather a story of the water cycle that uses wonderful language like, “Thirsty air licks it from lakes, sips it from ponds [and] guzzles it from oceans.” The printed words on each page show the meaning of the words. And, the book urges readers to conserve water and keep it clean.


 Here are a few other books that caught my eye.

A Drop Around the World by Barbara McKinney


One Well: The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strauss


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