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Why not celebrate your child’s teacher with a book? Here are some of my favorite books about teachers.

My Teacher Sleeps in School by Leatie Weiss


A kindergarten teacher whose students think she lives at school plans a field trip to show her students that she is a real person too.

I remember reading this to my preschoolers long ago and they loved it. Then I read it to my eldest when he was a preschool and he loved it. Not sure where the book has gone now, but am sure my youngest would find it just as charming as the others. 🙂

A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech


Maybe a bit more about principals than teachers, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it. Mr. Keene is proud of his teachers and students. So proud, in fact, that he declares, “Let’s have more school!” From now on, let’s have school on Saturdays, too!” The teachers and the students are not too happy about school on Saturdays, and soon enough Mr. Keene,  says that they will have school on Sundays as well.  Then he adds school on holidays and school in the summer.  Finally, little Tillie confronts Mr. Keene and explains to him that not everyone is learning. Mr. Keene is shocked and immediately wants to know who isn’t learning. Tillie continues on and tells Mr Keene that her little brother hasn’t learned how to swing or skip, her dog hasn’t learned to sit  and she hasn’t learned to sit in a tree for a whole hour because she is always at school.  Mr. Keene realizes that Tillie is right and cancels school on Saturday and Sundays and holidays and in the summer.  The whole school cheers with delight and they lift Mr. Keene up and carry him all through town where the people all chant, “What a fine, fine school with such fine, fine teachers and fine, fine students and a fine, fine principal!”  

Another HUGE favorite in our home. Actually one of the first books my eldest read aloud to me.

My Teacher is a Monster (No, I Am Not.) by Peter Brown


A young boy named Bobby has the worst teacher. She yells, she doesn’t let them throw paper airplanes and she is loud. She is a monster! Well, at least Bobby has his favorite park to go to on the weekends. That is until Bobby sees his teacher there and realizes that monsters aren’t always what they seem.

My Creature Teacher by Laura Leuck


Being a creature teacher isn’t always easy. The classroom has be kept spotlessly grim, spooky spelling tests must be given and fire-breathing pets must be kept in line. The walls must be draped in poison ivy and the kids must be escorted to the ghoul bus each day. And being in the class of a creature teacher isn’t so easy either. You have to wait your turn to howl or shriek and put up your paw if you want to speak.

Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden by Edith Pattou


Mrs. Spitzer knows all sorts of things. She knows how to grow a marvelous garden and she knows how to teach children.  She also knows that if she tends to both with love, they will flourish.

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard


The kids in Room 207 were misbehaving, again. So when the students do not show a bit of respect for Miss Nelson, the witchy substitute teacher Miss Viola Swamp steps in and the students start to regret their own wicked ways.

Other Miss Nelson Books:

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Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco


When Trisha starts school, she cannot wait to learn to read, but the letters just get all jumbled up.  She doesn’t want to be different and begins to believe the names her classmates’ call her. Then, in 5th Grade, Mr. Falker changes everything.  He is able to see through her sadness to discover the gifted artist that she truly is and helps Trisha discover that she really can read.

My Teacher’s Secret Life by Stephen Krensky


Everyone knows that teachers belong at school, but when they are spotted at the grocery store or trying on skates at the mall, students may begin to think that she has some sort of secret life!

The Teacher From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler


A hilarious tale of how rumors can make a monster out of any teacher.

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Substitute Teacher Plans by Doug Johnson


When Miss Huff accidentally mixes up her plans for the substitute teacher with her day-off plans, things get a little crazy. The class ends up building a sandcastle, parachuting from a plane and swimming underwater with an octopus while Miss Huff has a quiet day at home reading, writing and having rest time!

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