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Books about Tattling

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Tattling is huge in early elementary school. While it can be irritating, it is important that students be able to tell an adult when something is really going wrong. To do this, we have to teach students the difference between tattling and reporting. There are on a few good books available that address the issue of tattling. Here are the ones that I found most helpful.

A Bad Case of the Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook


Josh doesn’t have any friends because he tattles on EVERYONE!  He tattles so much that he wakes one night to find that his tongue is unusually long, yellow and covered in purple spots! Will a bad case of tattle tongue cure Josh and keep him from tattling again???

Armadillo Tattletale by Hellen Ketteman


Long ago armadillo had long ears. Whenever anyone would talk, he would listen and then share what he heard with others. This continues until one day he passes along some hurtful news shared by alligator. Alligator is furious and “nipped and snipped and clipped” armadillos ears until they were “tiny, teeny, itsy, weensy” ears with which he could no longer eavesdrop and therefore stopping him from tattling for good.

Don’t Squeal Unless it is a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales by Jeanie Franz Ransom



A wonderful story that helps children understand the when it is appropriate to “tell on” a classmate and when it is not.

Little Miss Tattletale by Konni Jo Bryant


Every morning Ariel bounces out of bed ready to tattle on everyone and anyone around her.  But one day at school, she tattles so much that she grows a tattle tail.  How will Ariel get rid of her tattle tail before she goes home from school???

Tattlin’ Madeline  by Carol Cummings Ph.D


Told in rhyme, this book is designed to teach young children the difference between tattling and reporting.

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