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Books about Chocolate

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I think I am just torturing myself. I am trying desperately to reduce the amount of sweets my boys and I eat.  It is tough because we all have a serious sweet tooth. So instead of eating sweets, I am reading books about them instead. 🙂 Here are our favorites…

 Books about CHOCOLATE

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright


Love Monster, the only monster in Cutesville, finds a mysterious box of chocolates at his front door.  He cannot believe his luck, but soon he’s thrown into a turmoil- should he keep the chocolates or not?

Sweet Coco: The Chocolate Maker’s Apprentice by Jake Perez


Join Coco as she goes on a magical journey to discover how chocolate is made.

I Love Chocolate by Davide Cali


I love chocolates because each one can be a surprise- you have to taste them all to find out what’s inside!

In this book, readers experience the taste, smell and colors of the world’s most beloved treat through the eyes of a child.

Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate by Dianne De Las Casas


Sun God spent his days enjoying a very special, secret treat- the rich, dark cacao.  Sun God did not want to share his secret treat with the creatures of the earth. So, one day Wind God transformed himself into Blue Frog and taught the children of the earth just where to find the secret treat.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling


A wonderful read aloud and a twist on the legend of King Midas, a boy gets a magical gift that turns everything that his lips touch into chocolate…

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith


Henry Green loves chocolate.  He likes all kinds of chocolate at any time of the day. One day, Henry finds that strange things are happening to him like being caught up in a wild chase and being diagnosed with the first ever case of Chocolate Fever!

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