Boy Mama: Bath Time Stories

Bath Time Stories

We have a great collection of bath time books in our home. I thought I would round them up and pass them along to you! I hope you find something you like!

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On My Way to the Bath by Sarah Maizes


“Bath time!” mom calls, but the way to the bath can be a long journey for a little girl when there are so many things to do on the way to the tub. Livi has cartwheels to perform, a jungle to explore and a world to rule all while mom waits by the tub.

King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub by Don and Audrey Wood


“Help! Help! Cried the Page when the sun came up! 

King Bidgoods in the bathtub, and he won’t come out!

Oh, who knows what to do?”

King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub is the story of  a king who refuses to get out of the tub and his poor page asks for help from everyone- the queen, the duke and even the court- to get him out, but all the king says is, “Today we dine/fish/dance in the tub!” Finally, by the end of the story, the over-worked page figures out just what to do to get the king out of the tub. “Glub. Glub. Glub.”

The Dirty Little Boy by Margaret Wise Brown


This dirty little boy must get clean! He begs his mother to give him a bath, but she is too busy washing the clothes. He tries to clean himself by imitating the bathing habits of the animals around him. However, what works for a pig or a bird or a horse, only makes this little boy even dirtier. After the little boy returns home dirtier than before, his mom scolds him for not learning how to get clean from the animals, but then lovingly scoops him up and scrubs him clean.

Tub Toys by Terry Miller Shannon


“Get in!” I hear Daddy call, but I have just begun. I know I need more tub toys or my bathing won’t be fun.”

The waters running, bubbles are bubbling and the tub is ready, but this little one collects so many tub toys that there isn’t enough room for him!

The Sea of Bath by Bob Logan


This sleepy sailor navigates a mysterious sea where he meets ducks that squeak instead of quack, a school of wind-up fish and a strange vessel by the name of Soap.  Will this captain ever learn what sea he sails in?

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion


Harry is a white dog with black spots who loves everything except taking baths. So one day at bath time, Harry runs away. He plays outside all day long, digging and sliding in everything from garden soil to pavement tar. By the time he returns home, Harry is so dirty he looks like a black dog with white spots and his family doesn’t even recognize him!

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