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Books about Sloths

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Books about Sloths

I really like sloths. I find them not only adorable, but fascinating.

Here are some interesting sloth facts:

Sloths live mostly in trees and come down only to go to the bathroom which they only do once a week.

Sloths sleep 10 hours a day in the wild.

Sloths move about 2 meters a minute on the ground, but move 3 meters a minute while in the trees.

Algae grows on their fur which makes them appear green.

Sloths eat mostly leaves which provides them with very little nutrition or energy which is why they move so slowly.

Sloths are excellent swimmers.


Now that you know a bit about sloths, here are some great books featuring this adorable creatures.

The Very Sleepy Sloth by Andrew Murray


While Sloth sleeps, the other animals stop what they do best to criticize him for being so lazy. Sloth cleverly turns things around and challenges each animal to do something they don’t normally do.  When they all fail at another creature’s talent, Sloth points out that each one of them has something they do best, and for him, it’s snoozing!

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth by Eric Carle

imgresThe animals in the rain forest do not understand why Sloth is so very slow.  The howler monkey asks, “Why are you so slow?” but Sloth does not answer. The caiman asks, “Why are you so quiet?” but Sloth does not answer. Anteater asks, “Why are you so boring?” but Sloth still does not answer. It is only when Jaguar asks him why he is so lazy does Sloth answers, “That’s just the way I am. I like to do things slowly, slowly, slowly.”

Sparky! by Jenny Offill


“I want a pet!” declares a young girl.  Her mother finally agrees saying, You can have a pet “as long as it doesn’t have to be walked, fed or bathed.”  So with the help of her local librarian, the young girl orders a pet.  Soon, her new pet arrives- a sloth she names, Sparky. Sparky isn’t good at doing very much except sleeping. He cannot do tricks, or play hide and seek or speak on cue, but there is still something very irresistible about Sparky.

Snoozefest by Samantha Berger



Snuggleford Cuddlebun, the sleepiest sloth, is excited to attend this year’s SnoozeFest- a local celebration of sleep! Once she arrives at the Nuzzledome, Snuggleford picks out the perfect spot in a hammock then strolls through the area where she collect posters, t-shirts and other swag. She then settles in to listen to The Nocturnal Nesters and the Quiet Quartet play lullabies for the crowd.  There is so much to see and do at SnoozeFest, but before she knows it, Snuggleford Cuddlebun has fallen fast asleep!

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