Boy Mama: Snowman Art Inspired Quilt

Snowman Art Inspired Quilt

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Snowman Art Inspired Quilt (2)

Over three years ago my eldest created this snowman picture for me.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Snowman Art Inspired Quilt

I looked at the picture for a few days and decided that this picture- this adorable picture- needed to be more.  It needed to be made into something that will last forever (or at least a long time).  I hadn’t made a quilt in sometime and felt like this was it. This was the project that was going to help me start quilting again and make this picture into something forever.

So my son and I set to taking this piece of snowman art and turning it into a quilt. We worked together on design, he chose the colors and what went where. Then I set to work making it into a quilt.  I got the whole top done and then we relocated for a few years and the quilt was stashed away in a box waiting for our return.

We have been back almost two years now and this past week I came across the unfinished quilt and decided it was time to finish it.  And I did.

Here is our snowman art inspired quilt that my son and I created together. He loves it and I find him staring at it a times. He continues to thank me for it and I know he will enjoy it for a long, long time.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Snowman Art Inspired Quilt (2)

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