Boy Mama: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Coffee Filter Snowflakes (featured)

Just over a year ago, we shared a post where we used coffee filters to make fall leaves. We also used the filters to make butterflies. This time, it is snowflakes we made from the coffee filters.  I have to say I am quite excited about how they turned out and love the way they look in our windows.  It is a dreary time of year here in the Pacific Northwest, so any bit of color is welcome.

 How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

MATERIALS:  Liquid Watercolors, water, mini-squeeze bottles, coffee filters, scissors


PREPARATION:  I love these mini-squeeze bottles given to me by my veterinarian friend who gets them in bulk.  They are the perfect size for little hands.  I filled each bottle about 1/4 way with the liquid watercolors and the rest of the way with water.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Coffee Filter Snowflakes (1)

SET UP: My other favorite crafting “tool” is the cardboard trays our dog food comes in. They are the perfect size for workstation and they contain the mess! I collect them and use them with my kids until they need to be thrown out. To set up for this craft, I gave my boys a cardboard tray and a coffee filter.  I also covered the table because this project is messy!

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COMPLETING THE CRAFT:  Once my boys were all set up with the materials they needed, they simply used the colors in the mini-squeeze bottles to decorated the coffee filters. It was great fun to hear them talk about the colors and how they spread and mixed. My eldest intentionally mixed colors on his filters while my youngest just really liked squeezing the bottles and drowning the coffee filters. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Coffee Filter Snowflakes

WHAT’S NEXT: After they had completed their coffee filters, we set them aside to dry. Luckily they dry really quickly so waiting for the next step wasn’t a long time.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Coffee Filter Snowflakes

CREATING THE SNOWFLAKES: Once the coffee filters are completely dry, fold them in half once, then again and finally one more time.  If you want to fold them one more time that is fine, but is probably one fold too many for little hands.  Then cut away being sure to not completely cut off any edges or they will fall apart. And, remember to cut off the tip!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Coffee Filter Snowflakes (5)

FINALLY: Hang them up and enjoy the color they bring into your home during these cold, winter months.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Coffee Filter Snowflakes (1)

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