Boy Mama: Fun Paper for A Note to Santa

Christmas Paper for A Note to Santa

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Fun Paper for a Note to Santa

Merry Christmas from Boy Mama Teacher Mama!!

I found these adorable Sketchy Christmas Vector Graphics last night and used them to make fun paper for my boys to write a note to Santa.

And now here it is for you to use if you like. Simply click on the image below to download and enjoy!!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Christmas Paper for Note to Santa

Here is how my boys used their papers. (left age 7, right age 4)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Paper for a Note for Santa

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4 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Fun Paper for A Note to Santa

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    • Dear Santa Claus,
      I want the Brachiosaurus Switch and Go Dino and any Lego you can find and a picture of you. From Cooper to Santa PS I know you don’t watch me.

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