Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Virtual Book Club for Kids 2013-14

Virtual Book Club for Kids 2013-14

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I am really excited to be one of the hosts of the Virtual Book Club for Kids for 2013-14. I have shared my own ideas for the book club in the past, but never hosted so this is a new experience for me.

So, what is the Virtual Book Club for Kids anyway?

The VBC is an online book club that is geared to children ages 1-6.

How Does it Work?

Each month, one author is highlighted by the group.  The author is announced at the beginning of the month and bloggers from around the web, share ideas and activities related to books by that author.

When Does the VBC Start?

The summer book club is just wrapping up and the new “session” will begin in September.

Which Authors will be Highlighted this Year?

Virtual Book Club for Kids Authors for 2013-2014

How Else Can I Participate?

Besides checking out the blog each month for some fantastic ideas, you can also sign-up to receive the Virtual Book Club for Kids Newsletter. In our monthly newsletter we’ll share crafts, learning activities, recipes, movement (both gross and fine motor) ideas and more inspired by the the author and his/her books.

Want to Join? Here’s How:

Sign up for our newsletter.

Be sure to let us know you will be participating in the comments section below.

Like us on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with all the ideas we share.

Okay, I Signed-up! Now What?

Choose a book written by the featured author.  Read it with your child or class.

Create a project, craft, learning activity etc related to the book and do it with your child or class.

Come back and share it with us as part of a big blog hop on the second Monday of the month.  The linky will be live for 3 weeks. so post anytime within that time period. If you do not have a blog, share your idea on our Facebook Page, email us or simply comment on the post.

Don’t Worry

Reminders will be posted each month to help you remember which author we are highlighting. 🙂

That’s it! I hope you will join the VBC this fall.

Happy Reading!  

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