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I love these cards. I always have a stack sitting by our gathering place ready to go when I need a quick sense of how students are doing with a new concept or when I have 5 minutes of time to fill before moving on to the next task at hand. I call them my “Quick Answer Cards” because that is just what they are! I think an example will explain best…

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When we were learning about odd and even numbers in my first grade classroom, I wanted to do a quick check to see who was getting it and who was still figuring it out.  I took out our Quick Answer Cards: Odds and Evens and distributed one odd card and one even card to each student. I asked the students to lay the two cards, face up on the floor in front of them. I then simply called out a number and if it was even, the students held up the even card and if it was odd, they would hold up the odd card. It is that simple. Of course, there had to be a discussion about trusting your own answers and not copying a friend or neighbor.  I know these quick assessments are not the truest of its kind, but it works for getting a general idea of where the class is at and, the kids LOVE IT!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

The other cards I use are….


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

Some example questions are: 

1+2=4 (false)

7 is greater than 4 (true)

Whales are fish. (false)


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

Happy/Sad are very similar to Yes/No or True/False and are great for students who are not yet reading.


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

Yes/No can be used the same way as True/False. My students have always enjoyed using the Yes/No cards for just for fun questions like, “Do you like ice cream.” Another way  I have used Yes/No is for questions about social issues– for example, “Is it okay to leave someone out?”


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

If your students are learning Spanish or if you want them to learn it, use Si/No instead of Yes/No.


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Quick Answer Cards

I saved Yea/Nay for last because it is my favorite and always my students’ favorite. Yea/Nay is basically Yes/No, but when I introduce the words to my students and explain it in terms of “All in favor say, “aye.” All opposed say, “Nay.” they love it even more!

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