Teacher Mama: All About Me Cube (and data collection papers)

All About Me Cube

(and data collection papers)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | All About Me Cube

Many moons ago when I was teaching first grade (before children), we would make an All About Me cube in the first week of school. It was a great way to get to know the kids, for them to get to know one another and to get an idea about their writing skills.  I was not able to find the templates I used in those days so I created my own.  The neat thing about this activity, is not only the things I listed above, but also how it can be used for a math activity once all the cubes are completed. Read on and I  will explain….

Creating the Cube


  • One empty, clean and dry milk or juice carton per child. Start collecting now! 🙂
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie
  • Tape

Creating the cube can be a bit tricky for youngsters. You can decide for yourself if you want to pre-make the cubes for each student, have them do part of it or have them do the whole thing by themselves.  The directions for creating the cube (below) can be found in our post, Teaching about Coins with the Coin Tower.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: All About Me Cube

Once all the cubes are made, print out one template (2 pages) per child. Templates are available HERE.

dice tempalte

 Next, have the students complete each box. Students will have to write their name, age, birthday, hair and eye color, favorite color and where they live.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: All About Me Cube

Once the templates are colored, have the students cut them all out and glue one square to each side of the juice/milk carton cube. See photo below. There is one extra box so you can choose the 6 that are appropriate for your class.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | All About Me Cube

Completing the Data Collection Papers

After all the children have completed their cubes, the cubes can be stacked in different ways to create a 3-D graph.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | All About Me Cube

Then, as a class, you can gather the data needed to complete the data collection papers. The papers can be completed by individual students, partners or by the class as a whole. Below are a few examples of the data collection papers. There is one paper for each side of the cube.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: All About Me Cube

This is what the papers may look like after they are done.


That is it!  This is a wonderful activity to begin the school year! If you are interested in this activity, click the link below to take you to our TPT store.

All About Me Cube and Data Collection Papers from BMTM

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