Boy Mama: Chunky Wooden Letter Decorations

Chunky Wooden Letter Decorations

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Chunky Letter Decorations

We made our bi-weekly pilgrimage to Joann’s today.  I love that store! I could spend so much time (and money) there… While there my eldest decided he wanted to make something for his little brother. I had to nix quite a few ideas simply because they were way too involved or way to expensive. Finally, he settled on these chunky, wooden letters that we came across. He gathered the letters that make up his brothers initials and then his own.  We finished our visit and then returned home to start painting.

I pulled out all my acrylic paints and the brushes and set up a work station on our porch.  Both boys sat right down and began painting, but soon enough, my eldest was called away by a friend, so it left me and my youngest to finish the project.

My youngest loved painting his initials. There was lots of talk about letters and which letters were which.  He spent a good 30 minutes painting before heading out to be with his big brother.


We then set the letters aside to dry for a while.


Once the letters were dry, I picked one color from his work and painted the sides and back that color. In this case, I used purple. I thought making them all purple on the sides and backs would make the pieces more cohesive.


And it worked! The letters look great and I have one very proud almost 4 year old!


His initials now reside on his bookshelf where he keeps his most treasured items.


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