Boy Mama: Silly and Simple! The Condiment Splash Trick

The Condiment Splash Trick

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | The Condiment Splash Trick

I really am only sharing this post because it was such a fun thing to make and my boys LOVE it.  And, Target happens to have these bottles for sale in their cheap seasonal section right now.

Okay, I have to step back a minute and share the story of the condiment splash trick. We were at our local burger joint and one fo the fellows behind the counter asked my eldest if he wanted some ketchup. Before he could even answer, the guy “squirted” the bottle at my son.  Thankfully all that came out was a piece of red string, but the trick was great.  Needless to say, my boys wanted to create their so when Target had the bottles in the cheap section, there was no excuse.

Here is how we made it:

Grab a few plastic condiment bottles. We got the three pack, but you really only need one.

trick 1

You also need some string. The kind that is used in sweatshirt hoods works best.   Cut the top off the condiment bottles to accomodate the string.  Put the string through the spout and tie a knot at both ends as shown below.

trick 2

Replace the cap being sure the string is inside the container.

trick 3

Squeeze the container and the string should shoot out. If it doesn’t, remove the string and cut a bit more off of the spout and try again.  Repeat until it works smoothy.

trick 4

That’s it! Now you are ready for some silly fun.

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