Boy Mama: Earth Day Pledge

Earth Day Pledge

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Earth Day Pledge

I have Earth Day on my mind lately.  This year it seems more important than ever. After spending two years away from home, away from my garden, my compost and our recycling bin, I want to honor this day in a more significant way this year. I am still planning how exactly we will spend the day, but have decided that I am going to ask my boys to make a pledge of something they can do to help the earth. My younger son is not quite old enough to understand such a pledge, but my eldest, who has always showed an interest in the taking care of the environment, will definitely understand and will enjoy helping care for the earth. I created this little pledge paper to use with the boys and thought since I made a “boy one” I could easily create a “girl one” for those of you with girls in your lives (or in your classroom).

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Earth Day Pledge

This pledge sheet is free to you if you like it.  Simply click on the image to download and enjoy!

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