Book Mama: Understanding The Pledge of Allegiance

Understanding The Pledge of Allegiance 

This post was not written to argue whether or not the Pledge should or should not be said in the classroom. It is here for those of you who want a way to explain the Pledge to your students or to your own children.  The fact is that most young children who say the Pledge in school, can recite all the words correctly, but have little or no idea of what all those words actually mean.

My son says the Pledge each morning in his kindergarten class.  I have no objection, but I do not do this with my own class.  But when my son came home reciting the poem, I asked him if he knew what those words meant and his answer was no.  I tried to explain the meaning in my own words, but felt as if I wasn’t doing it right. Then I came across this book and knew I had found a way to discuss the Pledge with my son in a way he could understand.

 I Pledge Allegiance

Written by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson

Illustrated by Chris Raschka

“I pledge (a promise) allegiance to (allegiance is loyalty) the flag (a flag is a symbol that stands for a place, a thing or an idea).”

This is how Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson explain each phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Simple, kid-friendly language with fantastic illustrations by Chris Raschka make the words even more understandable for young children.  Things do get a bit harder to grasp in some sections like “under God” but as children re-read this book as they grow, they can understand it more and more each time.

Interested in a little history about the Pledge?

Check out this link at Social Studies for Kids: The History of the Pledge of Allegiance



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