Boy Mama: Simple and Pretty: Apple Print Snowflakes

Apple Print Snowflakes

Today I sliced some apples for my boys.  I had cut the apple through the middle so I could show my youngest the star inside. When I was done cutting I was left with a square piece of apple with a perfect star inside. My first thought, as it was almost New Year’s Eve, was fireworks. So I grabbed some paints and we began printing.  As we stamped away, I thought to myself, “These look nothing like fireworks, but look a heck of a lot like snowflakes!”  So instead of fireworks, we made some beautiful snowflakes.

Note: I do not like using fresh food in art projects. But in this case, it was food that could not be eaten and was headed for the compost so I figured it was okay.


  • apple core cut away from the apple in a square shape with star inside (see photo below)
  • paint (I used acrylic)
  • paper

Directions: Simply put some paint in a tray, dish or other container, dip the star side of the apple in the paint and stamp away. I did notice that the first few prints were really “painty.” So, I stamped a few times on a paper towel before using the paper.

Pretty, isn’t it?

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