Boy Mama: Last Minute Christmas Fun: Magic Reindeer Food

Magic Reindeer Food

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

I know for many of you this comes too late. For all my friends back in AU and others who already did all their Christmas Eve traditions, but for those of us with a few hours to go, this may be just the thing for you.

Several years ago when my son was in preschool, he brought home some Magic Reindeer Food. I had never heard of such a thing and was thankful for some direction from the note on the bag and a quick chat with his teacher.  The note said:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

I thought- yes! This we can do. So when it got dark, we gathered on our porch and and sprinkled the lawn with the Magic Reindeer FoodIt was so fun and so simple.  I was not able to do this with the boys while we were living in Australia (throwing this from the 24th floor of an apartment building probably would not have gone over well….). So this year, it was on my list of must-dos. I contacted our preschool teacher, got the recipe and the wording for the note and created our very own Magic Reindeer Food.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

Note: If you are concerned about the glitter being on the lawn and possible effects on wildlife, use colored sugar instead. As of December 2013, we are using colored sugar in our food.

I placed all the ingredients in some plastic jars I had laying around the house. I printed the words on some white paper and glued it to some seasonal paper then glued it to the bottles.  Here is what it looked like:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

I placed the two containers of Magic Reindeer Food on our table top by our styrofoam tree and left them there to be discovered.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

This morning, while the boys were playing, I heard a scream, “Mom! Come quick! Santa stopped by while we were sleeping. He left us some reindeer food!”

That right there made this all totally worth it! Tonight we will sprinkle the food and see what sort of magic it brings us in the morning….

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

Note: This is not an original idea. I borrowed it from our favorite preschool teacher, Teacher Anne, and am grateful to her for granting me persmission to use her version. Interested in another version? Check out  Adventures at Home with Mum: Reindeer Run Way Sparkle Dust

Want a copy of the poem? Click the image below to download. I have included 6 different font choices!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Magic Reindeer Food

Other Versions:

Magic Reindeer Food BMTM


Magic Reindeer Food BMTM (2)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama reindeer

Below I used empty soap bottles!

Boy Mama Tacher Mama

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