Teacher Mama: Christmas Tree Fact Triangles (Fact Families)

Christmas Tree Fact Triangles (Fact Families)

I have fact triangles (fact families) on the brain today. I am working with my first graders on this concept right now and decided to create a fun practice sheet for them! FREE (for a limited time) copies are available! Click the following link to download:  Christmas Tree Fact Triangles from Boy Mama Teacher Mama 

Here it is:

And here is the same sheet, but without any given fact families so you can fill them in yourself.

I even created a black and white copy for those of you who do not have access to a color copier or who do not want this in color!

Wondering what exactly a fact family is?

Well, a fact family is made up of three numbers. Just as in any family the members, or numbers, are related and there are always at least four math facts to be made with them.

For more information about fact families, see this simple explanation from About.com.

Here is one example:

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