Boy Mama: Displaying Children’s Work

Displaying Children’s Work

I have always dreamed of covering the walls in my house with my children’s art and school work, but never got around to doing it. Finally, the other night, I came across a package of wooden clothespins provided to me by and had a brainstorm. I grabbed some picture frame wire, a Sharpie and some clothespins and set to work. First, I hung the wire between two nails that were already hanging in my kitchen- each one on one side of our window.  Then I took 8 clothes pins and wrote my boys’ names on them. Then I grabbed some of their work that had been piling up and hung it on the wire using the clip with the creator’s name on it to secure it in place. Now I have a place to display my kids’ work that is very visible, but out of the way of little hands (even when on a chair :)) and can be changed as often as I like without worrying about putting tape on the walls and ruining the paint!  A dream come true. 🙂

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