The Red Shed Teachers: A Fairy Tale Unit and Giveaway

A Fairy Tale Unit

This is for you teachers out there- classroom and homeschoolers!

My dear friend, college classmate and teacher extroidonaire, Betsy, and I have teamed up and created a unit about teaching fairy tales.  We call ourselves The Red Shed Teachers (any UW-Madison graduates out there will understand that reference) and have spent the last few weeks writing, tweaking, designing and reminiscing (wait that wasn’t part of the fairy tale unit, but it sure was fun!).  The unit was written for grade 2, but could easily be adapted for grade 1 or grade 3.  It includes writing, reading, math and oral language components and even some adorable fairy tale writing paper.

Click the following link for more details Fairy Tale Unit by The Red Shed Teachers.

Here is a sneak peak….

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Contest begins November 5, 2012 and ends November 11, 2012

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