Boy Mama: Lego Organization System Stickers (Updated)

Lego Organization System Stickers (Updated)

Okay,  I am little bit stoked about my new Lego organization system stickers.  The old ones were falling off and it was time for a change. So in all my free time (ha), I designed some new labels.  Here they are without color—

And here are my Lego organization system stickers colored in and in place!


Like these labels? Simply click HERE!

So what do you think? 🙂

Want to know more about our Lego Organization System? 

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16 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Lego Organization System Stickers (Updated)

    • I made labels for each type of vehicle and attached them to the outside of the plastic bin very much like I did with the Legos. I used labels such as emergency vehicles, race cars, airplanes, boats, motorcycles etc. Hope this helps! Sorry I don’t have a photo to share!

  1. Love these! I just put these on velcro dots and attached the laminated labels to each drawer on a cheap organizer that you find in the hardware store for screws and nails and such. I.m really happy with the way they turned out. Thank you so much! The only thing I need to do is include a label for pink/purple and weapons since we are into Star Wars legos. Thanks again!!

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  4. Hi, Stephanie, I am totally thrilled to see the way you have organised your Legos. I have a query- like my son has three different legos. So can I store similar parts or common ones together? Doesn’t it pose a problem when you have to make something and you have to really search for that particular thing?Thank a ton for your advice and how can you store the hot Wheels tracks in a container? Shilps

    • We have found that by sorting the pieces as we did that it is pretty easy for my son to find the right part when needed. Not sure about the Hot Wheels tracks since they are bigger. What about putting them in a mailing tube or something longer and taller like that??

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  6. I love your lego stickers! Would it be possible that I could get a .doc version of this? Since I have a girl and boy, I would like to modify it just a tad. We have a huge amount of blue that I’d like to separate as well as have pink labels. I’d be happy to edit it if you would be so kind to share the .doc version. I promise not to put online anywhere (I have no blog!) I’m just a homeschooling mama 🙂 Thanks so much in advance! [email protected]

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