Boy Mama: Put Down the Camera, Hang Up the Phone and Turn Off the Computer

 Put Down the Camera, Hang Up the Phone and Turn Off the Computer

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Put Down the Phone, Turn off the Computer

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I read a really touching post yesterday called, Look at Me with Your Eyes Mummy, on one of my favorite blogs (One Perfect Day Blog). It was touching because it was so heartfelt and because it was so true. In her post, she writes about stepping away from the camera, the phone and the computer and being in the moment with your child(ren) because those moments are gone all too soon.  I thought about the article each time the urge hit me to check my email, to see what was happening on Facebook  or look at the stats for my website. I thought, I NEED to do this. Using the computer has become a sort of addiction for me. I love using it, I love connecting with others and I love using it to be creative. But I need to stop when I am with my boys. So, in the spirit of the post, I stepped back. I only checked my email once while my son was NOT napping. And, after school when my boys and I went to the park and decided to build a fairy house, I fought the urge to snap pictures of their every move. And I did it! I was in the moment. I helped them gather sticks for the frame of the house,  lay leaves for the  floors, find rocks for the chairs and tables and I even added a small garden to the “property.”  I sat in the dirt and talked with my boys about what they were doing and why they were doing it. I watched them dig and build. I listened to them plan and create.  I was a mom in the moment with my boys and it felt good!

Okay, so I did get one picture…. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Fairy House


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9 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Put Down the Camera, Hang Up the Phone and Turn Off the Computer

  1. it’s probably a good thing that my old iphone takes terrible photos… It means I have to either lug my DSLR everywhere I go, or go get it to take a photo.. and I am too lazy to do either!

    Good for you for being in the moment.. it is easier said than done!

  2. I love this post and think reminders like this are so important. Sometimes friends of mine are shocked to hear that I do not get cell reception where I live. I also do not have a smartphone right now. Sometimes I wish I did, but the big upside is that I do not have a little distraction machine at my side when I am out and about with the kiddos. I have been trying to limit my computer time as well with the kids during the day and try to be completely screen free on at least one weekend day, usually Sunday. I try to carry what I learned during screen free week earlier this year with me all the time.

  3. I read that post too. My son says the same thing all the time, just in a different way. It’s hard to stop trying to capture those moments, I’m afraid I might forget them! Meanwhile, I did start turning off my phone during the day when we’re together. My family (mom and sister) is not so thrilled with that, but once upon a time, we couldn’t get a hold of people whenever we wanted! Leave a message, I’ll get back to you.

  4. Stephanie this is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that my post moved you to switch off and just be with your boys. Your description of your time with them is so beautifully written, it sounds like it was a wonderful afternoon. I love the fairy house too!

  5. This is such a great reminder! I did the same thing today, went outside and made a tunnel. No phone, no camera, just me and my boy. It was a fun afternoon and I need to do it more. No one is going to remember all the pictures or status updates as much as my son and I will remember our time together.

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