Boy Mama: Simple and Sandy- Fun AFTER the Beach

Simple and Sandy- Fun AFTER the Beach

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Simple and SandyWe spent the most wonderful day at the beach today.  The weather was perfect and the tides were, according to other beach goers, the lowest they have been in a long time.  The tide pools were exposed and there was so much to see.  We saw all kinds of seaweed, shells, snails and best of all, sea slugs. Green sea slugs to be exact.  The kids played in the water and in the sand.  When the weather started to cool a bit and we were all hungry, we packed up our things and ate french fries (chips) and ice cream in the picnic area.  After “lunch” we hopped on the bus. Once we were home, the boys jumped right into the tub to wash away the sand and to warm up. What a day! We were exhausted, but invigorated by the fresh air, sunshine and water.

The day was so perfect and I was not quite ready for it to end.  While at the beach I filled a small Ziploc bag with sand and another with the seashells we had collected. While the boys played, I set up this activity for us to do together to make the day last just a little bit longer…

Fun After the Beach

Sand and Seashells Pictures


  • blue paper
  • seashells
  • glue
  • sand in a spice jar for easy sprinkling

Mama’s Directions

I gave each of my boys a piece of paper, a bottle of glue , some sand and a few seashells from our day at the beach and simply let them “create.” I had no big vision. No plan for a great masterpiece. But simply some time where the boys could again feel the sand of the beach and create a tangible memory to go with the memories in their minds.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

My eldest recreated the beach scene using the seashells as the sky. He was very purposeful in his work and definitely had a plan in mind.  He did not, however, want to actually glue the seashells to the paper. Instead he simply put them in place so he could save them for his collection.

My youngest really had no plan. For him, this was a sensory experience- he wanted to pour the sand, to squeeze the glue from the bottle and to move it around the paper.  He doused the shells in glue and sprinkled the sand on top. He used a spoon to mix the sand and glue and to spread and pile the mixture.  He spend a lot more time on this activity than his brother although they both enjoyed the experience just the same.

What ways has your family preserved memories from a day at the beach?

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