Book Mama: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

 Planting a Rainbow

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Virtual Book Club for Kids September 2012

When the time came for this month’s Virtual Book Club, I was so excited to see that Lois Ehlert was going to be thefeatured author. I have all her books and have used them in the classroom and have shared them with my boys. If my son were to have picked one of her books, he would have chosen her book, Snowballs, but I chose this time and I selected, Planting a Rainbow.  I felt we needed a bit of spring in our home at the end of winter here in AU. We read the book a few times and discussed what we learned. Then we decided to plant our own rainbow. Since we live in an apartment and have no yard, our rainbow had to be made from paper instead of nature….


  • colored paper (rainbow colors)
  • white string or yarn
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Glue stick
  • scissors
  • a small piece of an egg carton


  • cut petals and flower centers from the colored paper
  • cut stems from green paper
  • cut leaves from green paper
  • cut 4 small strips of yarn or string for the roots
  • cut brown paper into small pieces for the soil
  • cut small seed shapes from the egg carton

Plant your Rainbow

Spread some Elmer’s glue along the bottom of the paper and sprinkle some “soil” (brown paper pieces) in the glue.

“Plant the seed” by gluing a cardboard seed just above the soil.

Cover the seed with more soil.

Don’t forget to give your flower some water and sunshine!

Add the roots (string or yarn) just below the seed and add the stem with leaves just above the soil.

Add the rainbow colored petals.


These are the flowers my sons planted!



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