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Library Book Love

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Library Book Love

We finally got to the library today. We have been in Sydney now for over a year and have only been to our local library once. That is shameful, but true. I could give you a list of excuses, but in the big picture it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we went, we got our library card and we checked out a whole bunch of books. My eldest was in school so it was just my 3 year old and I who was too young to remember our previous visit here or visits back home.  When we first walked in, he said to me, “What’s this?” as he looked around taking everything in.  I said, “This is a library.” He disagreed and said, “No, a museum.”  “Museum” is a new word for him this week so many places we have been lately are museums.  So, he asked again. I said, “This is a library.” And again he disagreed. This time he said, “No, a bookstore.” Well, we were getting closer. By this time, we had made it to the children’s section and he was temporarily lost in all the books.  Then he saw the rocking horses and the stools and the books were no longer interesting which was fine because I was able to browse while he was contained and occupied.  I was seriously like a kid in a candy shop grabbing books off the shelf and putting them in the stroller to check out.  Finally, I had a decent pile and convinced my son to sit down and read a few books. He was more than willing especially since there was a book about firefighters in the mix.  We read for a bit and then headed out.  My son read through quite a few of the books on the walk home. He was particularly mesmorized by one little board book we got about machines. No surprise there…

When we got home, I did what I always do when I get new books from the bookstore or from the library and my eldest is not with me. I take the books and arrange them somewhere in our living room and leave them there.  I love the look on my eldest’s face when he notices the books. Today was especially great. He saw the books, got a huge grin on his face and practically dove at the books. He literally looked like he was going to devour them. And, really he did. He leafed through each and every book with the biggest smile on his face commenting here and there and doing his best to read the titles. Books that looked like others we have were assigned simliar titles and books that were new to him got some pretty interesting titles as well.  At one point his little brother begged him to come play. His response? “Not now, I am reading.”

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Library Book Love     Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Library Book Love

What library traditions does your family have?

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11 thoughts on “Book Mama: Library Book Love

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  2. When my two daughters and I went to the library when they were little we would get
    enough books that when we got home we would have what we called a reading marathon. This would usually mean we would all sit together on my bed and I would read at least 10 or more books to them. Still one of my happiest memories and my girls still talk about it today. They are 23 and 25 now. Both still love to read!!

  3. I love it!! My little miss lights up at books too! Carries them around from room to room, having me read the same ones over & over! I truly get this moment!! 🙂

    xx melissa @ mamamiss (from the Picklebums link up too 🙂

  4. Ah reading is so magic isn’t it!

    Our strongest library memory includes lots of blood, smashed in teeth and a weekend at the hospital. My kids always comment on the day Zoe tripped and knocked out three teeth at the library… even though it was nearly 6 years ago!!! LOL

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