Teacher Mama: Erase a Rhyme

Kids love to erase and they love to play games.  So, here is a super simple game where you kids can erase while practicing their rhyming skills.  All you need is something to write with, something to write on and something to erase with. I used a white board in the examples below, but a chalk board or even a piece of paper will works as well.   This is a great game to play while waiting for an appointment or for you meal to arrive when eating out.

Erase a Rhyme

Say a word that rhymes with one of the pictures on your board.  For example,  “It isn’t a frog, it is a __________.” Your child figures out the picture word that rhymes with frog is “dog” and he erases it from the board. Or, “I like to look at a ________.” and your child erases the picture word “book.”

Try These Other Erase a Rhyme Ideas too:

Match a Rhyme:  Instead of using words, show your child an object or a picture that rhymes with one of the picture words on their board. For example, you might show your child a “mug” and he has to figure out that “mug” rhymes with “bug.”

Role Reverse: Have your child draw the pictures on the board, make the clues and you erase the rhyme!

Other Erase a ________ Games:

Letter or Number Recognition:  Write letters or numbers on the board. Read them off one at a time and have your child erase as you go.

Sight Words: Write your child’s sight words on the board and have him erase them as you read them.

Math Problems:  Write either an answer to a math problem or the problem itself. Then read of an answer and have your child figure out the problem or read the problem and have them erase the answer.

Erase a Color Word: Write color words on the board and have your child erase them as you say the word or show an object of that color.

I was playing these games with my older son and my younger son (3 yo) really wanted to play too. So, I adapted a few rounds for the younger crew. Here is what I did with him.

Erase a Face: I drew 3 different faces each with a different emotion and asked him to erase a happy face, a sad face and a mad face.

Erase an Animal: Same as above but with animals.

The possibilities are really endless with the Erase a ________ Game. So be creative!  Have fun! And come back and share!

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12 thoughts on “Teacher Mama: Erase a Rhyme

  1. What a great idea!
    My daughter is at the “loves to erase” stage with the dry erase board. I can just tell we will have lots of fun with this!

    Stopped by from a link on BlogFrog – had to check out a site made special for boys (I have a little guy who has to do a lot of girly crafts lately…) Following you on FB now!

  2. Hi I am a Mum to 4 boys aged 16-6. I love raising boys. I get boys and after coming from a large extended family of females, I am loving every minute. I’d love you to visit my blog if you like, I often write about life with boys. Alot of it comes from the angle of raising my beautiful teenage boys too. Another thing to look forward to.
    The “baby” the 6 year old is the light of all our lives & we adore him. The 9 yr old is Mr sporty & our lives mostly revolve around sport, the beach, sport, food, sport, sticks, lego, dogs, cats & more sport. We didn’t break any stereotypes there. Ha. Anyway great blog. Do you love Australia?

  3. We so loved the erase a word!!! My son is going to first grade and it’s so hard to get him back into learning!! But he loved this and motivated him! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try the other ideas tomorrow! Melissa

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