Boy Mama: Simple But Messy- Kitchen Concoctions

My older son had a friend over and I was trying to get some baking done. I wanted to keep my younger son from bothering the big kids (who were playing so nicely) so I gave him a bowl of water and a few small cups to play with.  He enjoyed that for a while and then decided he needed a few different mixing implements for his water. So he went to the drawer and grabbed a spoon, a spatula and a whisk.  At this point, plain water was getting a little old for him so I added some cornflour (cornstarch) to his bowl and then the fun really began. He mixed and mixed and poured and splattered and yes, spilled quite a bit.  Then we added a drop of food coloring- he chose blue and the fun continued for quite a while longer.  As he played, he informed me over and over that he was working on HIS recipe.  He was so proud.  This activity was so simple, so messy and so much fun for my son. It also allowed me to do what I  needed to do and gave the big kids some time to play alone.

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