Boy Mama: Simple But Useful- Pizza Box Drying Rack from Teach Preschool

Pizza Box Drying Rack-– pure genius!!!  I came across this idea from the blog, Teach Preschool, and had to give it a try. I went to our local (and often visited) Italian restaurant and asked for some pizza boxes. I was willing to pay for them, but they kindly gave them to me for free. 🙂 I went right home and made this drying rack and LOVE IT!  I now have somewhere to put all our paintings and other wet crafts to dry and no longer have them lining our bathroom floors!! Thank you, Teach Preschool!!


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With special thanks to Teach Preschool

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6 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Simple But Useful- Pizza Box Drying Rack from Teach Preschool

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  2. I am loving it! I never decorated mine – I kept meaning too but I just never did. My kids didn’t care – to them it was the place to dry their artwork and so the pizza box look didn’t seem to even phase them:)

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  4. That’s one great idea… but I think it’s better to glue it in between boxes so it would look more neat…? and then decorate it a little to make it look nicer? but yeah, it great, id probably give it a try.. 🙂 thanks again!

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