Book Mama: My Boys Love These Books…and so do I!!

This is Meeow. 

Meeow is a black cat.

Hello, Meeow!

My boys love  Sebastien Braun’s, Meeow books. And, I have to admit that I really like them too.  They are so simple, so colorful, so cheerful and so much fun to hear and to read.

In each of the books, Meeow and (in three of the four books) his friends, Maa, Boo, Quack and Woof, take ordinary household items and use their imagination to turn them into something wonderful.  Pots and pans from Meeow’s kitchen become instruments in a marching band.  The colorful chairs in Meeow’s house become a train. The table draped with a blue cloth becomes a castle and a big box painted red becomes a fire engine.

The books are full of vocabulary that is perfect for a young child-  including colors, shapes, household items, animals and animal sounds. The story is predictable and the words are simple which makes these books a wonderful beginning reader for older children.  The characters are easily identifiable, playful and just plain cute!

Throughout all the books, Braun has incorporated questions such as, “What are they going to do with all these cooking things?” and “What can Meeow be making?”  These questions encourage discussion and asks the reader to make predictions about what is going to happen next.   Short phrases such as, “Be careful, Meeow!” and “Good job, Baa!” allow the reader to identify with the characters and create a greater connection with the story.

The Meeow stories are books that your child will ask you to read over and over and over again and, honestly, you won’t mind at all.

Clever Sebastien Braun!

Meeow and the Little Chairs

Meeow has friends.

Meeow likes to make things.  

Meeow is going to make something very special.

What is Meeow making?

Clever Meeow!

Meeow and the Blue Table

Meeow has a blue table,

a red blanket and lots of wooden blocks.

Meeow’s friends have come over to play.

 What will they make today?

Clever Meeow!

Meeow and the Pots and Pans

Today Meeow is in the kitchen.

Meeow likes to make things.

Meeow has an green colander, an orange frying pan, a yellow fork

and lots of brightly colored bowls.

What is Meeow making?

Clever Meeow!

Meow and the Big Box

Meeow likes red.

Meeow likes to make things.

Meeow has a big box, a blue mug, and an orange chair.

What is Meeow making?

Clever Meeow!

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