Boy Mama: A Borrowed Post- Six Words You Should Say Today

I just came across this post from a blog called, Hands Free Mama. I have read it twice now and each time it has moved me and even brought me to tears. I think it is an exceptionally well-written piece and also a great reminder of the importance of  the words we use with the children in our lives.  So, grab a kleenex and see what you think.  After reading it, please stop back here and share your thoughts. I would love to hear how this piece affected you.

Six Words You Should Say Today

4 thoughts on “Boy Mama: A Borrowed Post- Six Words You Should Say Today

  1. Oh that is a fab post!

    Sometimes I am so that mother… I talk to much. I have been trying to ‘talk less’ (even blogged about) for a while and when I remember it really can change the dynamics…. but I never think of it when I want to tell my kids how well they’ve done, or how proud I am of them.

    I so could have simply said ‘I love to watch you dance’ on the way home from my girls exam prep class last week…. because it is exactly right. Next time… next time.

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