Boy Mama: Trendy to Our Home– Painting Sticks

We are still on break from school and still in crafting mode. I read about painting sticks on a blog and thought, hey my kids love sticks and they like painting. Maybe we should give it a try!  On our last trip over to the park I had the boys gather a few good sticks for our project. We had to set them in the sun for a day or so because they were so wet from a recent rain. When they were dry enough to work with we set to painting.

I put out a bunch of paint colors on our palate (also known as a paper plate).  We each chose a stick and began painting. At one point my eldest said to me, “Why are we painting sticks?”  It was the sort of comment that has a bit of an underlying has-my-mom-gone-nuts-tone to it, but I simply replied, “Because it is fun and it is different.” And it is different!  It is a completely different experience from painting a flat piece of paper- the texture is different, the shape is different and the results are definitely different.  I loved painting my sticks and could have done it for hours. My son painted for about an 20 minutes and then was done.

I was looking around on the web today and saw that painted sticks seem to be an “in” thing right now. I had no idea. I thought someone just had a really cool and quirky idea that spread. Guess I was wrong.  Here are some of the ones I found- both “professionally” done sticks and kid created. They are all gorgeous!

Trendland: Canadian Artist Ginette Lapalme 

Etsy: Bonjour Frenchie

Toddler Approved: Rainbow Stick Painting 

Here is what we did…


  • dry sticks- with or without the bark or both
  • paints
  • paintbrushes
  • newspaper or something to paint on
  • lots of wipes/towels- this is a messy one!

Mama’s Directions

  • Grab a stick and paint it!
  • Allow to dry
  • Enjoy!

our sticks ready to paint

our palate

we used an old diaper/nappy box as a stand for our sticks while painting


our painted sticks

an impromptu game of pick-up sticks

one of the blogs showed the sticks displayed this way. love it!

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