Boy Mama: Your Name in PAINT!

I saw this really fun art activity on the blog Attack of the Twins and decided to give it a try.  I am not the most patient person in the world and didn’t have all the suggested supplies so I made a few changes and tried it out my way…

First, I did not have a canvas in my home so I opted for plain, old paper and second, both my kids have lots of curvy letters in their names and masking tape wasn’t working for me. So, I pulled out one of my favorite “tools,” contact paper, printed out letters on the computer, traced them on the contact paper, cut them out and stuck them to paper.  I gave my boys some paints and paint brushes and let them go at it. They loved it! At first my eldest was super careful and did not want to paint over the letters at all.  I had to convince him that it was okay to do so!  When the project was finished, he finally understood why it was okay to go over the letters and was fine with it. My youngest had no problem painting just about anywhere and everywhere, but now every time I give him a piece of paper to paint he says, “Where letters?”

I was at the art supply store yesterday, and picked up a couple of small painting canvases and decided to try the activity again.  I still used the contact paper, but this time used some nice paints we found at the store and the canvas. Here is the result.

Want to give it a try with your child?  Here is how.


  • paper or canvas
  • paints and brushes
  • masking tape or contact paper
  • scissors if using contact paper
Mama’s Directions:
  1. “Write” your child’s name on the paper  or canvas with masking tape OR cut out the letters of your child’s name from contact paper and place them on the paper or canvas.
  2. Have  your child to paint the paper/canvas as they like.
  3. Allow paint to dry then carefully pull off the letters.
  4. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Your Name in PAINT!

  1. We tried this for Owen’s birthday and it was a huge hit! It was fun for the adults watching how the kids personalities came through as they decided just how much to paint over/near the lettering. Thanks for the great idea!

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